About me

Hello hello!

Well I guess that after a week r something that I opened this blog its about time I should write something in here too.
First I wanna say i’m not english, nor american nor I do not live in one of those country, I’m Italian, and lemme tell you most of he things people say about Italians are true. So it might result my english is bad, or with a lot of typos, that is indeed due to the fact i’m not native english, also cause if i write something, since when I was at school I always write what come right up in my mind, mostly without reading it back, so I wanna give you my apologyzes as first. As second I wanna say that I do prefer this method of writing, see how an idea born and grow inside my head and how I try my best to write it down, its funny sometimes I found myself thinking in english, at times its every creepy, lol; anyway to get back to the subject, as i said I live in Italy, in the north part of the country in a small town, where you can still see green fields, no smog, no subways and so on, a quiet town, I would say, I like to live here, at the same time thought I would love to visit and perhaps, live one day, in one of those “big cities” no matter which will be since I’m firmly convinced each city has its beauties. I hope you will enjoy my blog, I usually blog what comes up in my mind, I guess I can say from my day’s mood what I usually create, mostly I do outfits regarding Gor roleplay using normal clothes, however I like to think some of them might be used for other roleplays also, in any case, I hope you will enjoy it.
Giulia ^_^

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Giulia.. I’m Echo and I roleplay in SL Gor.. Recently there have been Mamba’s coming back. I love your blog and I always come on here when wanting a new complete look. I wanted to ask if you would do a Mamba look, I am having slight trouble with looking like one and I was hoping you’d be able to do a blog with looking like one.
    If you can, that would be great! I will keep an eye out for notices in SL


    • Well that is a good challenge, I do have a mamba alt in fact, I never posted her outfit however cause I wastold its scary >_< perhaps I can bring her back and have a couple of photoshoot with her, i'll see what I can do ^_^

  2. hı priss ın many of your blogs ı come across a cape for men. Mr. poet Turtleneck and KnitScarf set where can ı get ıt from
    thank you

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