Review Policies

Hello there dear creators of Second Life,
As you can see from my blog, I love fashion, but not only that, I like make review in general on things I LIKE, might be clothes, furnitures, painting and so on, so feel free to send me notecards in world, I don’t have preferences about clothes, for now I’m review those i have in my inventory, mostly gorean clothes for the simple fact I spend 3 years by now on that kind of roleplay, however,  I like to make review on other type of clothes and stuff. I wanna also said I don’t review shapes, cause well I do prefer to work on my personal shape, don’t hate! >_<

Prissy Aura :*



One thought on “Review Policies

  1. Hello, I am the owner of Black Sun Graphics. I spotted that you used the thief brand I made in a few of your outfits and I just wish to say I am very happy that you have displayed my work. I am glad you liked it enough to include it in your blog.

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