Hair: a i s l i n g – Hanne (@The Secret Affair)
Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no no.02
Eyelashes: MC -Falsies Mesh Alpha Lashe
Ears: MANDALA – Steaking Ears
Tattoo: Bossie – Sara Tattoo (@The Secret Affair)
Hands: Slink – Hands
Rings: Secret Love -Delicate / ieQED – Lina set / random matter – Norbu Rings
Fur Stole: a i s l i n g – Hanne (@The Secret Affair)
Harness: ieQED – Kaia Set (@The Secret Affair)
Dress: a i s l i n g – Hanne (@The Secret Affair)
Underpants: Bossie – Lexi high waisted pantyhouse
Shoes: Pure Poison – Le Ballet Flat



The Fantasy Collective will be open today at noon ladies and so will N21 and Shiny Shabby, I can’t wait to get Foxes creations, wiiiii, fear not I will be adding the LMs
Northern/IronHall Inspired 😀


Hair 1: iren – Kiss me
Hair 2: CATWA HAIR – Mia
Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no.2
Eyelashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes natural
Ears: MANDALA – Steaking Ears
HeadJewel/Earrings: Keystone – Kraaken (Today@The Fantasy Collective)
Neck protection: Eudora3D – StormWind (@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Straps: May’s Soul – Biker chest (Today@The Fantasy Collective)
Shoulder Fur: GSpot – Freya
Hands: Slink – Mesh hands Casual
Hand Tattoo: Moon Amore – Palmas Arriba HandTattoo (@Cosmetic Faire)
Rings: ieQED – jessi rings (Today@ Shiny Shabby )
Fur Shoulder: GizzA – Fur Stole
Shirt: PEQE – Corsetted (Today@The Fantasy Collective)
Coat: PEQE – Erynil Rogue (@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Skirt: Pixicat – Victoria Set (Today@The Fantasy Collective)
Feet: Pixicat – Freja Set (Today@We LOVE RolePlay)


27 by BlakevansHey guys, as I said some more new stuff from @We ❤ RP event. They are totally very nice stuff that I loved, that is why I felt like I had to post this as well as soon as possible and here it comes!
Here is what I am wearing:

Pose: !bang – huntress 3 (Available  @We ❤ RP !)
Helmet: Meshed Up – Silver Helmet (Available  @We ❤ RP !)
Tunic: Ravensoul – Huginn – Norse Raider Pack (Available @We ❤ RP !)
Belt: DPD – Iron Overlord
Pants: ::K:: – Drape Sarrouel
Boots: DPD – Rebel
Klaive: Druidical Klaive (Available  @We ❤ RP !)

27, a photo by Blakevans on Flickr.


10 by BlakevansHello guys! I am trying to as often as I can, trying my best while I am really busy with RL!  DPD has come up with awesome stuff, I know it is not that new but I totally love it! I hope you are gonna enjoy this.
Here is what I’m wearing;
Hair: Action Mesh – Paul

Ears: MANDALA – Simple Ears
Chest Armor: DPD – Rebel
Shirt: DPD – Rebel
Belt: DPD – The North
Arm Armor: Custom Made by Kursad Toros
Leg Wraps: DPD – The North
Pants: DPD – The North
Boots: DPD- Rebel
Axe:LR Kronos Axe
Spear: Primus – Porimma Polearm
Shield: PFC – Royal Shield
Tattoo: Ner .Ink – Loyal Truth

10, a photo by Blakevans on Flickr.

The Viking

6 by Blakevans
6, a photo by Blakevans on Flickr.
Hello guys! I could not post lately because of RL. I had some  things to do but here is a new winter post again! Enjoy it!
What I’m wearing :

Hair:[Underscore] Maska Hair
Beard: Raw House – Holy Beard
Shoulder Armor:[RD] – Thrax Bladed
Bracer:.Eldritch. – Crann Balla Bracers
Pants: The Forge – Bran Pants
Belt:The Forge – Bran Belt
Boots: Erebos – Shadow Hide
Axe: Centipede – Makemake Axe
Shield: Stitched Gods – Thorleif Shield

King and Queen

I’m sure you ladies and gentlemen know already about the 30L Gatcha that opened a couple of days ago, if not you should go have a look! Here below you can see few items you can find there, enjoy ^_^

228 by Prissy Aura
228, a photo by Prissy Aura on Flickr.

On Prissy:
Skin: Birdy – Delilah Skin
Eyes: Dead Apples – Broken Glass – Forest/Hazel
Hair 1: CaTwA – Selena
Hair 2: CaTwA – Evie Hair (ponytail)
Eyelashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes natural
Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no.03
Lipstick: Birdy – MAKEUP lipstick Reds
Headband: Keystone – Rope N Chain Headpiece (@Genre)
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hand Casual (+ Skin applier)
Nails Applier: Jalwa – Slink Appliers Henna Stained Finger&Toenails
Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Duchess Dazzle Jewel
Ear Feathers: Little Tasta – Feathered Ear Cuff (@Fantasy Collective)
Necklace 1: Enfant Terrible – Frozen heart gacha necklace (@ 30L Gatcha Fling Fair)
Necklace 2: Pekka – Rosario de madera (@Fantasy Collective)
Shrug: MO – The Fallen Top (@ 30L Gatcha Fling Fair)
Upper Arm Bracelets: The Forge -Torc (@ 30L Gatcha Fling Fair)
Fur Scarf: Fishy Strawberry – Faux Fur Stole (@ MyAttic)
Shoulder Armor: The Forge – Eldar Armour (@ Fantasy Collective)
Bracer Left: The Forge – Eldar Armour (@ Fantasy Collective)
Bracer Right: LUAS – Athenea (@ 30L Gatcha Fling Fair)
Chest belt: The Forge – Eldar Armour (@ Fantasy Collective)
Belt: LUAS – Athenea (@ 30L Gatcha Fling Fair)
Undershirt: tram -Collar A for gathered shoulder blouse
Dress: Junbug – Deer Me Fur Gown (@ 30L Gatcha Fling Fair)
Staff: May’s Soul – shaman scepter (@ 30L Gatcha Fling Fair)

On Blake:
Ear Accesories: GSpot – La Rie Africa
WarPaint: XtraX – Helios Tattoo / War paint
Beard: Raw House – Holy Beard
Right Arm Armor: The Forge – Eldar Armour (@ Fantasy Collective)
Full outfit: Rochambeau – Nabonu Green (@ Fantasy Collective)
Shield: Stitched Gods – Pride’s Resolve (@ Fantasy Collective)
Bow/Quiver: LR – Hornet bow
Sword: VF – Vypr sword
Axe: LR – Kronos axe

This is what happens during Saturday’s nights in CB.. 😀