ohh The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival is about to open while the We LOVE RolePlay opened already,  stay tuned for the next entries!


Hair: elikatira – Lalora (@We LOVE RolePlay)
Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no no.02
Eyelashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes natural
Ears: MANDALA – Steaking Ears
Body: The Mesh Project
Halo: CerberusXing – Scaled Deity (@Totally Top Shelf )
Headdress: Zenith – Gypsy tiara (@We LOVE RolePlay)
Collar: Charm – Sorcha Collars
Bracelets: Velvet Whip – High Bracelets Gacha (SOON@The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Hands: Slink – Hands Female Flat/Gesture
Rings: Secret Love -Delicate
Claws: Kibitz – Marlee claws (SOON@The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Claws Weapons:LR Weapons – Hasani Claws (@We LOVE RolePlay)
Harness: The Forge – Braided Harness (@We LOVE RolePlay)
Belt: Kibitz – Sisanie jewelry set (SOON@The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Top/Panties: May’s Soul – Acham gacha (SOON@The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Tattoo: Thing – Chivahle Tattoo



Another combat/roleplay sim which so nicely alloed me to fly around and find a nice spot to take a picture, here below always you find the lm and enjoy the nice set up they have for now ^_^

Hair : little bones – Moon Child (Soon@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Eyelashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes natural
Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no.2
Ears: MANDALA – Steaking ears ver2
Cheek: PIDIDDLE – CheekDefinition Diamond Cutter
Nose Chain: Keystone – Amary’s Nose chains (Soon@ Fantasy Faire)
Horns: random Matter – Eleri Antlers (Soon@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Familiar: Aii – Familiar Spirit Kuro (Soon@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Helmet: PFC – Iron Helm Teddy (Soon@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Cape: Peqe – Big Cape Brown Fur (Soon@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Shoulders: Luas – Dark Swan Shoulders (Soon@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Bracers/Fingers: EMO-tions – Bellona (Soon@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Hands: TheMeshProject! – MeshHand Relaxed
Ring Left: Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl rings
Top/Skirt: On A Lark – Hannah
Belt: PFC- Belt packs (Soon@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Mask on belt: Velvet Whip – Feral Silver Mask (Soon@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival)
Feet: Glam Affair – Vanity Feet Ballerina
Polearm: EZ – Serpent’s Dire Staff


Fantasy Gatcha goodies again!

242 by Prissy Aura
242, a photo by Prissy Aura on Flickr.

Hair : TRUTH – Snow
Eyelashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes natural
Eyeliner: Belleza – Eyeliners
Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no.02
Cheek: PIDIDDLE – CheekDefinition Diamond Cutter
Headjewel: BP – Trinity’s Wish (SOON @Fantasy Gatcha)
Necklace: On A Lark – Kriss Pendant Jewelry
Ears and earrings: RE – Lux Krista Earrings & Ears
Shoulders flowers: Zibska – Manna (SOON @Fantasy Gatcha)
Shoulders antlers: The Forge – Antler Crown (modified and repositioned)
Staff: Velvet Whip – [Ginger Line] Wizard Light Staff (SOON @Fantasy Gatcha)
Bracers: The Forge – Viking Bracers
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hand Casual (+ Skin applier)
Nails Applier: Jalwa – Slink Appliers Henna Stained Finger&Toenails
Ring right: Maxi Gossamer – Sleeping Beauty Heart
Ring left: Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl rings
Belt: Luas – Aaliyah jewels (SOON @Fantasy Gatcha)
Dress: Melodic – Dyed Toga Dress
Undershirt: the muses – Rainha